Nine simple steps to starting a prayer 'lighthouse' on your street

Dr. Alvin J. VanderGriend

25 June 2010


lighthouse.jpgDr. Alvin VanderGriend is currently Prayer Evangelism Associate for Harvest Prayer Ministries. In recent years Alvin directed HOPE Ministries ('Houses Of Prayer Everywhere') and developed a Lighthouse strategy, created Lighthouse resources, and provided prayer-evangelism training—and served as the National Facilitator of Lighthouse Ministries for Mission America.
The following nine steps are an extract is from his chapter in The Lighthouse Movement Handbook (Multnomah, 1999) entitled 'Starting and Sustaining a Lighthouse'.
1.  Make a commitment.   Tell God that you are committed to make your home a lighthouse by praying a prayer like this:
'God I know that my neighbours matter very much to you and that you have commanded me to make 'requests, prayers, intercession, and thanksgiving' for them.   So, out of obedience to you and out of love for my neighbours, I commit myself to ask for your blessing for my neighbours.   I commit myself to ask for your blessings for my neighbours. I'll do this, with your help, to the best of my ability.   In Jesus' name, amen.
2.  Begin simply.   Try the 'five-n-five' prayer challenge ; praying 5 blessings, for 5 neighbours, 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks.   Think of the word bless to remember five important was ways to pray for your neighbours.

Body - Health, protection, strength
Labour - work, income, security
Emotional - joy, peace, hope
Social - love, marriage, family, friends
Spiritual - salvation, faith, grace
3.  Mark your house.  Identify your home as a lighthouse by putting a lighthouse decal or model in your window. These will send a message that your neighbourhood is being prayed for.
4.  Establish your 'prayer' neighbourhood.   Write down the names and addresses of those you will pray for. Do some research. Find out what is going on in the neighbourhood. Create a simple map of your 'prayer' neighbourhood.
5.  Connect with your neighbours.   Personally connect with neighbours by simply asking them for prayer requests.   Most people today are pleased to be asked.  
Prayerwalking your neighbourhood - walking around praying for homes and people you see - will get you out to pray 'on site with insight'.  
“Doorhanger' or prayer greeting cards will inform your neighbours that you are praying for them.
6.  Record prayer requests and answers.   Record specific prayer requests and answers in a journal. Share prayer answers with others.
7.  Pray, care, and share.   Make yourself available to God, and he will lead you into ministries of caring and sharing as well as praying. You'll have a threefold impact. By praying, you'll release God's grace into people's lives. By caring, you'll build bridges of love to them. By sharing the gospel you'll help people come to know Jesus Christ.
8.  Expand the numbers.   Maximise your potential by expanding the number of people you are praying for. Be aware, however, that there is a limit. You can handle only so many felt need requests and neighbor relationships. Expand also the numbers you are praying with. Find other Christians who are ready to join in prayer.
9.  Strengthen your prayer life.   The stronger your prayer life, the more impact you will have in your neighbourhood.   Always pray with a clean heart, with compassion, and with persistence.


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