Experiencing is believing. We can help your church experience success in community outreach

If your church is not regularly seeing new people saved and drawn into the life of your church, it might be time for a reset. What your people need is not another pep talk or more head knowledge. What they need is an experience of success that sweeps away old preconceptions and hang-ups and opens their eyes to how God has gifted them to grow the kingdom.

The environment for success

  • Your church is captured by a big vision
  • There is expectancy of success
  • There is a clear plan with measurable objectives
  • There is support (including training), encouragement and mutual accountability
  • There is a positive cycle of success and celebration

Our ‘breakout’ strategy is designed to give everyone a taste of success

Personal salvation is centrally important, but Jesus makes it clear that the ‘good news’ of the Kingdom is way bigger than that. Not everyone is a gifted evangelist but the Spirit has gifted each of us with something that brings help, hope and healing. Together we play the whole symphony of the gospel.

Whatever part each may play, it all comes down to relationships. Because relationships are the focus of the breakout strategy it makes community outreach doable in a way that will excite and unite your church!

What outcomes can you expect from the ‘breakout’ strategy?

  • Your whole church growing in conversational skills;
  • Those new skills being put into practice through an inspiring community project;
  • the most successful Alpha courses your church has ever seen;
  • a positive cycle of success so no-one wants to go back to the old ways again!


Key ingredients of the ‘breakout’ strategy


God Space

Because it’s all about relationships there is no better way to kick off the ‘breakout’ strategy than with some excellent material that will help your people connect with not-yet-Christians. ‘God Space’ shows how easy it is to build relationships and authentically share your God story in a way that won’t freak people out! It is a resource we highly recommend. Click here to learn more.

This training will have more impact than usual because your congregation will know that they will each be applying these principles when you engage with community projects not long thereafter!

Of course if you would prefer to use other material such as Bill Hybel’s ‘Just Walk Across the Room’ that will also work.


You don’t want this strategy to be just another thing that your church tacks on to its existing programmes. Making sure that every church ministry can see the role it might play in the ‘breakout’ strategy and that your congregation’s experience of the journey isn’t fragmentary will require some forethought and planning.

Community Project(s)

Community projects are where the Christians in the community get to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the not-yet-Christians in the community and make friends along the way. There are a variety of projects already happening in your community that you can be a part of – and some of them may be happening out of your building! Some outward-focused research into what is going on in your community will help your congregation see their community with new eyes.

  • Because these projects are being run by and for the community, as a church you don’t have to plan it, lead it or pay for it (unless you want to)
  • You know it’s something the community wants – you don’t have to guess
  • The variety of opportunities to serve that already exist in your community will tap into the passion of more people. You can volunteer to be part of something that will make a difference in your community and which you really care about
  • All your congregation has to do is find a project that inspires them, get involved, have fun and make friends. Later you will invite your friends to Alpha.

The important thing is that they are worked into a big picture strategy of community outreach for your whole church.


For the strategy to work you need an intentional runway to the gospel that is ‘low risk, high grace’ for everyone. We explain why we are big fans of Alpha here, but you may wish to use another programme like ‘Christianity Explored’ instead.

What we will do

Love Your Neighbour is here to serve you. Think of us as an extension of your own office to help make this ‘breakout’ strategy work.

We can:

  • consult with you and your staff and share our learnings;
  • facilitate a churchwide consultation to land the vision with your congregation;
  • resource you with God Space materials;
  • provide training and administrative support for coordinating the strategy;
  • help research your community;
  • provide training in making an effective invite to Alpha.


Why bring in Love Your Neighbour?

  • The Love Your Neighbour team have each long been leaders in movements with outstanding success in evangelism – so we know how to create the environment for success.
  • We have been providing training for churches in effective evangelism for many years, so we know and understand your world.
  • We have been gathering and telling the stories of success in community outreach for a decade, so we are not locked in to our own ideas.
  • Bringing in someone from outside your church allows for a fresh perspective and different language to drive new ‘aha’ moments. It also clearly signals to your church that you are serious about change!

Contact us today and we will get together for a coffee to talk it over.